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Corporate Cybersecurity Technology

Why You Need Purple Team Services to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks.

The terms “red team” and “blue team” are often used when we discuss cybersecurity. In this ceasefire approach, the red team is the attacker that tries to infiltrate an organization’s digital and physical defenses using any attacking technique available to the attackers. The Blue Team’s job is to detect intrusion attempts and prevent exploitation of your IT infrastructure. In other words, The red team and blue team workout is a cybersecurity assessment technique. These teams use artificial attacks to assess the strength of an organization’s existing security capabilities. Both terms also identify areas for improvement in a low-risk environment. In this article, we will discuss the Red Team vs. Blue Team services and why we need both.

Red Team

The Red Team acts as an adversary, using sophisticated attack techniques in the organization’s cyber defense to identify and exploit potential vulnerabilities. These offensive teams consist of highly experienced security professionals or independent ethical hackers. These hackers focus on penetration tests, mimicking real-world attack techniques, and methods. The red team will gain early access by stealing user credentials or social engineering techniques. Once inside the network, the red team elevates its privileges and moves late into the system to develop as deeply as possible into the network, avoiding detection.

Blue Team

If the Red team is playing offense, the Blue Team is on defense. Typically, this group includes incident response advisors who instruct the IT security team on the extent to which reforms can be made to prevent the latest types of cybertexts and threats. This IT security team is then responsible for maintaining the internal network against a variety of threats. While many organizations are considering curbing the gold standard of safety, it is equally important to identify and address defense capabilities. An important metric is the “breakout time” of an organization – there is a key window between when an intruder compromises with the first machine and when he can move late to another network system.

Why does your business need a Red and Blue team?

Any cybersecurity expert knows that security is an ever evolving field, hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities in online systems. The Red Team attack can expose these threats before the real threats are identified and exploited. This exercise increases the effectiveness of the Blue Team as companies can strengthen their security and analyze the unintended consequences of any cyber attack. By incorporating these two groups, it is possible to permanently develop the organization’s security strategy based on the company’s unique weaknesses and vulnerabilities, as well as the latest world-attack techniques. Furthermore, it is achievable for these teams to build stronger network security to notice potential attacks and get a better breakout time. Purple Team Security allows for the organization to develop the skills and maturity of the organization’s security capabilities in a safe, low-risk training environment.


Gabbi Rose-Green